We believe simple is better.

Follow these simple steps for optimal use of the Blackheader system.

Blackheader is suitable for all skin types and can be implanted in your regular skin cleaning regimen. We suggest starting at 2-3 times per week to get used to your new cleansing process. With cleaner pores you will notice that they appear smaller and less visible. They are also less likely to be blocked again. Following these requirements will help to assure a satisfying experience.

Diagram 1.


Begin with a completely clean face. 


For the best results, we suggest using the Blackheader after a shower. Warm steam will help open and relax pores making the blackhead extraction easier.


With the correct suction head in place, select the desired intensity and gently move the Blackheader on the problem areas, as shown in the image (diagram 1). Do not stay more than 2 seconds in one spot.

Final Cleaning

It’s important to clean the treated area post use with a fresh and cold cloth to tighten up the pores that were dilated at the beginning of the blackhead removal process.

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